In order for an appliance to perform with optimal efficiency, it is crucial that it is maintained on a regular basis. Appliances that are maintained not only perform well but also last longer. In addition, a regular maintenance saves from unhappy accidents and sudden breakdowns. But before you think maintenance means giving a quick cleaning to the units, let us elaborate;

Maintenance that is required by all kinds of HVAC appliances is of two types; one that is needed to be done by homeowners, the other that should be performed by a professional.

DIY maintenance to do's

The DIY maintenance to do's include changing filters, cleaning the units from dust and debris, changing batteries of CO detector and Thermostat, keeping a check on components for any unusual occurrences; leaking refrigerant, leaking duct etc.

Professional maintenance to do's

The professional maintenance which is supposed to be performed by a professional is usually done once every year and that includes;
- A thorough check of components
- Lubrication of components
- Checking of vents and proper ventilation
- Checking for leaks and damages in pipes and ducts
- Checking the temperature and pressure difference
- Tightening of any loose parts
- Cleaning/replacing filters
- Inspecting fan's operation and its blades
- Checking electrical and gas connections
- Inspecting coils and refrigerant
- Checking drains lines
- Checking system control
- A test run after the tune-up

So, did you see there's a difference in DIY and Professional Maintenance? Both are important equally. So we suggest, perform maintenance regularly and also get your HVAC appliances to have a maintenance and tune-up by a certified HVAC professional at least once every year. Looking for a reliable tech? Call us today; 1-855-245-4328