Water Heater

Water heater is essential for your home comfort and convenience. When your water heater isn’t working properly, you need a certified technician to inspect your water heater in a timely fashion.

In case you need water heater replacement or new installation, the specialists from Cosmopolitan Mechanical Services Inc. will walk you through everything you need to know about your purchase.

From Conventional to Tankless water heater, we’ll match your needs to the ideal solution, so you can enjoy a ready supply of hot clean water. We have TCCA certified installers & technicians to make sure your new unit not only provides you enough hot water, besides that greatly help you save money through energy efficiency.

24/7 Round the clock Services

A professional contractor will not forget you after installation just like Cosmopolitan Mechanical Services do care of its customers. We treated our customers like a family and feel them to be in comfort state of mind even in extreme weather conditions. Here at Cosmopolitan we provide hassle free services in very economical budget that you can afford. So, dial 905-822-9375 and feel proud to be a part of Cosmopolitan Family.